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Why Journal Scripture?

Have you ever tried to explain to someone why Scripture journaling is so exciting and rewarding to you and they just look at you kind of blank and say something like, “yeah, I’m not really into journaling…” I’ve had that response, from some of my own family, and although I acknowledge that we all engage with God and His Word differently, this has definitely been the way for me.

This morning as I was reading some commentary on yesterday’s verses, I hit upon the “why behind the what,” as a friend of mine often says. Knowing the why helps us understand the importance of the what. For instance, knowing why we journal scripture helps us do it. “Just do it” doesn’t really cut it if you think about it, most people want to know why they are asked to do something, or at the very least, they want to know what they will get for their effort.

Scripture journaling is a means of getting the Word of God deep into your heart, but also a means of renewing your mind. Sunday we had a wonderful sermon on Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness and, as many of you know, he combatted the lies of Satan with the Word of God. We need to know the Word of God in order to stand a fighting chance when the enemy comes at us with his bevy of lies and temptations. But we also need to know the promises of God so we can pray according to His will, so that we can pray with the assurance of 1John 5:14-15.

“Prayer should be so much more than casting wishes to heaven. It is rooted in understanding God’s will and promises according to His Word, and praying those promises into action. For each prayer request, we should mentally or vocally ask, “What possible reason do I have to think that God will answer this prayer?” We should be able to answer that question from His Word.” -From Enduring Word online commentary.

Wow! I love that! To me this is so comforting, so personal. I want to pray the will and the Word of God because I want my prayers to be powerful and effective! I want God to hear me!

“The most powerful prayers in the Bible are always prayers which understand the will of God, and ask Him to perform it. We may be annoyed when one of our children says, “Daddy, this is what you promised, now please do it,” but God is delighted when we pray His promises. It shows our will aligned with His, our dependence on Him, and that we take His Word seriously.” -From Enduring Word online commentary.

When I am praying for friends or family, when I am crying out to God for my own needs, to ask myself, “What possible reason do I have to think that God will answer this prayer?” And then, to have the promises of God, the character of God, the will of God buried deep in my heart and mind via all the days and months and years of writing out His Word. To have His Word ready on my lips to speak back to the enemy who wants to create doubt in my heart and mind as to the goodness of God, THAT is why I journal the Word!

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