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The Majesty of God

Hi Everyone,

I try to keep from re-using plans from the past unless they’re seasonal, like Advent and Lent. However, I am bringing back this one from January 2021 for two reasons; 1. I had foot surgery last Thursday and my plan was to read, and write and be very productive as I recovered. My body seems to have had a very different plan and this weekend has been rough to say the least. 2. Following goodness with God’s Majesty actually makes a lot of sense, and it helps to set up what I’m planning for the month of June.

The following is from my introduction to the plan on God’s Majesty from 2021:

“Majesty is defined as, “sovereign power, authority, or dignity; greatness or splendor of quality or character” (Webster’s). Even the definition doesn’t really do justice to the full meaning of the word, but the scripture does. The writers of the Old and New Testaments understood the Majesty of God and they are our key to fully understanding this aspect of God’s character as well. All of this months verse selections are meant to help us see Him as He stands in relation to the world He created and to us, the people He created for Himself. I was blown away by the vastness of my God and reminded that His bigness means He is sufficient to meet all of my needs. The same God that controls the sea and the weather, who created the mountains and the sunset, is listening to me when I cry out to Him. It's like having the biggest, strongest, most influential dad in the whole world when a bully starts to pick on you, just bring up your dad's name and he's going to tuck tail and run in the other direction. How might we live differently in this new year if we fully grasped the Majesty of God our Father?”

Anything that reiterates the bigness of our God, the fullness of His power and the depths of His love and care for us is worth repeating. So here we go!

May 2023 - Majesty of God
Download PDF • 18.48MB

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