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Scripture Journaling Excerpt

I often get asked, “how exactly do you Scripture Journal, what does your daily practice look like?” For starters, it rarely looks the same on any given day, and just like you, I have days and weeks that are really busy and I get behind, sometimes really behind! But when I’m in that good groove and able to daily practice this discipline, it looks kind of like this. It’s a combination of writing out the verses, oftentimes writing out commentary or notes that relate and speak to me personally, and then prayerful response. Some days I can give it all the time I want and those days often include a lot of digging around online, reading articles, commentary, cross references and whatever else grabs my attention. Most days though, I use my study bible and my heart.

The following is an excerpt from my journal to help you see the process for yourself:

July 12, 2020

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.

Therefore my heart celebrates, and I give thanks to him with my song.”

Psalm 28:7

“…I see here a battle raging furiously, yet he whom it most concerns, after having displayed his prowess and fought valiantly, steps aside, and sitting down in a quiet place, bomb proof and almost out of earshot of the cannons roar, talks with his heart” (Spurgeon in Spurgeon CSB Study Bible footnotes).

  • When I first read this I saw “talks with his heart” as heartfelt/heart to heart conversation, like speaking from the heart. But as I was writing it, it looks more like he was speaking to his heart - telling his heart the truth about his God, assuring himself of victory based on the promises of God - his God, his Father in Heaven.

  • I also see his willingness to do the hard work in the battle - it says the he sits down in this “quiet place,” “after having displayed his prowess and (fighting) valiantly.” Lord, how often do I sit down and wait before I’ve even fought? So much, too much!

Father forgive me. Forgive me for suiting up (I daily put on the armor) and then sitting down! In the literal sense it’s such a ridiculous picture, a soldier clad in full armor sitting down on the periphery of the battlefield and considering himself a vital part of the battle - considering himself a participant when he’s actually an armor-clad spectator. This is me! God help me, please help me enter the battle—

*the battle for my lost family and friends

*the battle for my ministry/my calling

*the battle for my country, my culture

*the battle for the church, local and global

One thing I see here is the battle for my attention, that’s the battlefield. But it actually always has been, our minds/my mind is the battlefield. And look at al the territory I willingly give away! To instagram, to Facebook, to online shopping and endless scrolling…

Lord what boundaries do I need with my devices? And what does that look like now that I’m doing online ministry?

*no social media during my quiet time

*no texting, make a list of who I need to text and do it after…

*schedule a time during the day to check/scroll

*reduce who I follow, especially influencers who lead me to shop or want more…

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