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Praying the Psalms (sample)

While talking to a friend on Monday, she asked me some questions about how exactly to “pray” the psalms. In the past I have just read them out loud while personalizing the words. But since this is a journaling plan I have been writing them out while personalizing them. This has really slowed me down and has prompted me to stop and pray specifically around my own needs or the needs of my family and friends regarding a specific verse. Because this is new too many of you as well, I thought I would share my journal entry of this morning’s psalm. Obviously you don’t need to do it just like I do, this is a Holy Spirit led exercise after all. But if you’re a more visual learner, this might help. And as always, I welcome your questions and/or comments. Keep in mind however, this is a journal entry and not intended to “teach” anyone how to interpret or think about this particular psalm.

August 3, 2022

Psalm 15

Lord, thank you that because of the righteousness of Christ, credited to me on the cross, because of His perfect sacrifice, I can dwell in your tent. I can live- I will live on your holy mountain, and I can approach you like a father on your holy mountain, without fear of being rejected or rebuked.

Thank you that because of Christ and because I am hid in Him, you receive me as one who is blameless, you see my deeds as righteous.

Help me today, amidst the taunting lies of the enemy, to acknowledge your truth in my heart.

Keep me from slandering with my tongue in all of my conversations today.

Help me not to harm my friends, in word or deed, or by neglect or selfishness. Help me not to discredit

discredit: to cause disbelief in the accuracy or authority of : to deprive of good repute/reputation : lack or loss of belief or confidence.

synonyms: debase, degrade, demean, disgrace, dishonor, humiliate, shame (Websters).

Help me not to discredit my neighbor…

Oh Lord, how many times have I done this in conversation? Far too many, Lord help me today to refrain from speaking those words that will discredit my neighbor. God help me hold my tongue.

Lord am I to despise the one rejected by you? Who is this, the enemy or the one’s who reject your offer of salvation? (look into this verse)

Help me honor those who fear your name, even when their way of fearing you doesn’t look like mine - especially when it doesn’t look like mine!

Lord help me to keep my word whatever the cost, make me a woman of my word! Help me to be merciful and generous with my money and my possessions, never caught up in bribes or selfish gain.

bribe: money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgement or conduct of a person in a position of trust (or influence) : something that serves to induce or influence (Websters).

Lord not treating people differently because of what they can give me or do for me, keep me from this behavior Lord.

God I want to be one who is never shaken, who is steady and true in all my words and actions, one who steadies others when they feel shaken. Let the words of this psalm be true of me. I know in my own strength they never can be, but in Christ they already are! Thank you Jesus!

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Aug 03, 2022

Thank you for sharing. This is so helpful.


Aug 03, 2022

Wow, this is a great example! I love how you expand it a bit more than I would think to do, really weaving in Christ and his work on the cross for us!

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