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Praying the Psalms

Sunrises and sunsets, if I go through my camera roll I can’t even tell you how many photos I’ve snapped of both. And I’m not alone, we all seem to be fascinated with them. They manage to find their way into most everyone’s vacation photos. As I sit here waiting for another one, (same sun, different location), I’m struck by two things: The constancy and dependability of God. As long as the sun continues to rise and set, there is hope in the world, and there’s hope for my little world as well. The sun rising and setting reminds me that God keeps His promises, that His mercies are new every morning. Every sunrise tells me that His mercy and grace are available to me for the day to come.

One of my favorite things about the Psalms is the way they declare the glory and majesty of God. I love how they point my eyes toward the wonder of creation, but even better how they put my eyes on the Creator. I also love the pattern of prayer that is laid out in the Psalms. The pouring forth of all the feelings, frustrations, and fears that then turns to a reminder of the character and goodness of God, ending in pure praise.

These things led me to want to pray through the Psalms with all of you. If you’ve never prayed the Psalms, it’s really quite simple, but will take a little practice. Basically, you take the words of the psalmist and personalize them for yourself and your loved ones. It may feel kind of awkward at first and not every verse is able to be personalized or prayed over someone you are interceding for. Don’t worry, just give it a try. Use the words of the psalmist as a springboard for your own prayers.

Use the link below to download the August Journaling Plan:

Praying the Psalms - August 2022
Download PDF • 4.85MB

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