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Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Sometimes, when I’m working my way through one of these plans, it helps me when I get a reminder of what it’s all really about. Sometimes I need the encouragement to keep going, especially when it’s a hard topic like contentment and fighting covetousness.

As I was journaling yesterday’s verses from 1 Timothy I came across one of those gems that put all the fuss into perspective. While journaling I continued on and added verse 12, which states, “Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of eternal life to which you were called and about which you have made a good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”

And then I found this in the footnotes of my bible…

“You are about to enter a noble contest in which the living God acts the part of

superintendent (director, manager, supervisor) and the Holy Spirit is your trainer,

a contest whose crown is eternity, whose prize is angelic nature, citizenship in

heaven for ever and ever.” Tertullian (ca 155-225).

We are fighting a noble contest and the living God is managing it while the Holy Spirit continues to train and encourage us to keep going. And the prize! It’s the best and brightest prize there is, and it’s not just for the one who comes in first, it’s for everyone who finishes.

What do you need to do to “Fight the good fight of the faith” today? For me I needed to delete some more things off my phone and unfollow some more accounts on my Instagram. The Holy Spirit is my trainer, and what does a trainer do? They push you to do uncomfortable things in order to achieve the goals you’ve set together. What are your goals for this month, where would you like to be on October 1? Feel free to comment if you’d like to share.

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